Presentations: During the 5 weeks of the course every student will present portions of the content from one chapter of the material. The chapter will be assigned during week 1. The presentations should be 20 minutes +/- 3 minutes and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Since presentations will be on different weeks, the grades will be recorded on week 5.
It might be helpful to think about this as an oral exam except you get to answer all the questions you want to. You will soon be graduating from the UoP with a degree in business. You have the ability to stand in front of a group and tell them what you know on a business related topic for a half hour. Your assignment isn’t to present a chapter. It is to present 20 minutes of the material from a chapter. If you present a whole chapter, that’s okay. But present what you fully know and understand. You can use note cards. But since the assignment is to present and not read, use of note cards should be limited.

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