Skim through (and in sequence) the following PowerPoint slides and use the most relevant ones to answer the THREE specific questions of the assignments: 1, 3, 11, 12, 13, 112, 289, 208, 209, 205-207, 217-221, 230, 243, 248-249, 251, 258, 253, 254, 263, 267, 284, 151, 153, 157, 161, 305, 306, 56, 347, 353-355, 356-364.
Based ECLUSIVELY on your thoughtful learning from the above specific slides, write an essay (900-1200 words) in which (1) you draw upon the various definitions in slide 209 to CREATE your OWN original, concise, and inclusive definition of the Israel lobby, (2) you PINPOINT and EXPLAIN which one of the three—the US government, the Israeli government, or the Israel lobby—is ‘calling the shots’ (telling the others what to do) in terms of US Middle East policy; and (3) why does predominantly Christian America support incoming Jewish settlers (in Palestine) who do not believe in Jesus against the underdog native Muslim and Christian Palestinians who do believe in Jesus?
While you are encouraged to give examples and illustrations from your personal experience and your ‘experiential learning’ (‘out-of-class-learning experience’) and to bring in your own cultural, religious, political, and intellectual perspectives, make sure to ground your homework assignment into the ASSIGNED material (I should be able to verify quickly your footnote references while grading and writing feedback), and make sure to ground your judgment into facts, not the other way around. Follow carefully the content, structure, reference, and format guidelines for homework assignments as detailed in the syllabus. The homework assignment must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file and uploaded through the TurnItIn link (View/Complete, see below) by the deadline; no other forms of submission will be accepted. Homework assignment 4 is worth 10 points (10% of your final grade).

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