-Create two texts for grade (4) Language should be suitable for Grade 4 so write it in simple language.
-both texts will address on science subject, and talking about life cycle of plant , the learning outcome is uploaded so please check it.
-The texts will be two different genres. One will be (imaginary recount) and the other one is (information report), each text is 275 words.
-The texts should model the correct linguistic and organisational features.
-The texts should be culturally relevant and conceptually correct and There should be no spelling or grammar errors.
-The presentation of the texts should be CREATIVE and engaging for students in Grades 4 (use of pictures, animation.)
-The texts are based on research as evidenced by references for all resources accessed , for each picture you use please put the references you can choose more than 2 sources .
-EACH text must have a separate cover page it must be colourful and engaging for students .

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