Final assignment:

Choose one of the job ads that you like most.

(Also if you don’t have all the qualifications or if you would not apply for the job in reality)

Write your motivation for this job using the subjects below. This will not be a traditional cover letter. It is a comprehensive motivation related to the job ad.

Your qualifications / your skills:

Write down the skills that you possess that motivates your qualifications for your job.
How did you acquire these skills?
Give an example for every skill to shows that you acquired this skill.

Think about; Communication skills, stress control, motivation, team collaboration, taking initiative, having a growth mindset, decision making, dealing with conflict, management style, etc.
(Describe minimum 5 skills)
Your vision:

What is your vision for this job? How do you see yourself in this position, what are your ideas to succeed in this job? How do you see this position in a few years from now and what are your ambitions? How does this relate to the company you’re applying for and their vision.

Back it up with evidence; find a source that supports your thoughts.
(Minimum ½ page, maximum 1 page).
Your development plan:

What would your development plan look like? What do you like to learn and which skills do you like to develop? Why and what do you need for this from your team, your manager and in education? Use the chart for your Personal Development Plan

(Include at least 5 objectives).
Theory of the book:

Choose one theory in the book that inspired you most. Describe what it entails and why you choose this one. Be aware of the right quotations!

(Minimum ½ page, maximum 1 page)
Personal Development Plan

What skills do I like to learn or get better at?
Success criteria
How do I see if I improve and how do I measure this?
What methods will I use to achieve my learning objectives?
How will I practice what I learn?
Collaboration/ help
Who can help me to reach my goals and what do I need from them?







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