Paper III – Drama
In the history of literature, Shakespeare is one of the most read writers ever. His ability to relate some of the fundamental universal truths to his audience is what kept him way ahead of his opponents. There is no arguing with the fact that his play “Romeo and Juliet” was one of his most successful artistic works he did during his life. The play has been used to express his sentiments regarding love, hate, and revenge. As a result, there have been some similarities that can be drawn from the play Romeo and Juliet to the modern life set up. Romeo and Juliet’s play was done in 1996 (Douglas and Haile, “Romeo and Juliet”). Although the play may have been written so many years ago, it depicts a lot of themes that are now being seen in the contemporary life of the human beings. Therefore, it is relevant to look at some of the issues in the modern community that relates to the themes of the “Rome and Juliet play” and how is it inevitable to change the universal truths.
This play brings out the aspect of emotional connection and reactions exhibited by the human beings in their daily interactions. Although times have changed, the universal truths have remained static to date, and the world does not expect them to change anytime soon. When Romeo and Juliet fall in love, the society does not feel happy about it especially their parents are not okay with the relationship because they come from different kingdoms with different ideologies. They decide to get into a relationship and soon go on to marry secretly. There is the theme of strong love that exists between Romeo and Juliet. Despite their difference in the social class, where Juliet was from a wealthier background compared to Romeo, the two decides to take their love to the next level. A lot of instances have happened where parents have disqualified marriages and love affairs by social class between the couples. The notion that the person from a poor background does not bring any tangible resources to the relationship has been there since the time of William Shakespeare to date. This is to say that the play has been able to stand the test of time as the same things are still happening in the modern society.
The secrecy minds have always been detrimental to the relationships whether in the past or present. When Juliet’s father learns of the developments that his daughter was planning to get married, he looks for another man who he thinks matches the standards of his daughter. The father prefers Paris over Romeo and goes on to hurry things up so that the two can get married as soon as possible to detach her from Romeo. But when Juliet realizes that she was being prepared to marry Paris against her will, and she is afraid to disclose to her father about the prior engagement, she decides to seek advice from her nurse about her next move. She advises her to go ahead and heed her father’s choice of not accepting to elope with Romeo and marry Paris (Douglas and Haile, “Romeo and Juliet”). She gets disappointed by the advice because of the love she had for Romeo. Even in the modern world, when people are dating, and they feel like their relationship might be compromised by disclosing the identity of the people they are dating, they decide to keep it a secret. They are afraid that if they make it public, some of the family members might reject the existence of the friendship. In the play, Juliet decides to fake her death so that she can go and live with Romeo. This just shows the extent to which she decided to go so that she can have the lover of her life in Romeo.
People have lost lives due to love. Some people feel that if they can’t be with what they believe is a lover of their life, then the whole point of life is just useless. In the Juliet and Romeo story, it can be seen that after Romeo realizing that Juliet was dead because of not getting the complete information from the messenger, he takes poison so that he can end his life as life will have no meaning without Juliet (Void, “Romeo And Juliet 1976 Part1”). He takes the poison and goes back to Verona so that she can drink and die closer to where Juliet was buried. In the current society, couples cannot stand the pain of losing their loved ones. They decide to commit suicide so that they don’t live their entire life thinking about the dead lover.
There is also the aspect of hate in the play which has become a regular thing in the contemporary world. People always display their rage through fighting the other people whom they think caused them not to be with the loved ones. When Romeo gets to the place where Juliet was purportedly buried, he bombs into Paris laying flowers on the grave. He immediately starts fighting him (William, 55). In the end, he kills Paris and goes on to take his life beside the dead remains of Juliet. There have been instances where cheating has culminated in the love triangle affair, and in the end, one of the couples always decides to kill both the wife and the other lover before turning the bullet on his head. This strategy is to ensure that they all lose the benefits that are being enjoyed from either the boyfriend or the girlfriend so to speak.
The play ends when Juliet awakes to find her lover dead and then Friar Lawrence getting in the tomb. Realizing the coming of the watch, Lawrence decides to leave after begging Juliet to let off the body of Romeo to vain. Juliet decides to kiss the body of Juliet that still had poison. On realizing that she was not succumbing to that poison, she decides to use Romeo’s dagger to bury in her chest and immediately dies on top of him (William 72). This whole episode signifies that when it comes to love, there is no need of being secretive; one has to be open to what he wants. If Juliet had not decided to play ball with his father’s demand, things could not have gotten worse than they ended to be. However, some things are beyond control, and there is nothing neither her father nor Romeo’s father could have done that could have prevented their death.
In conclusion, it is also evident from the past that for peace to be found between two enemies there is shedding of blood that comes first. Montague announced in the play that Lady Montague had died from stress over the disappearance of Romeo. Capulet and Montague on seeing the bodies of their children they decided to end the hate they had over a long time. Had the two kids not lost their lives, the two kingdoms could still be rocked with conflicts. Just the same way most countries end their conflict in the modern world.
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