NUR 203 Module E
Emergency Preparedness; Disaster Planning; Bioterrorism; Chemical; Radiologic Agents
Upon completion of this unit, the student will be prepared to:

Explain the significance of nurses being knowledgeable of emergency preparedness and disaster planning
Describe risk assessment and risk management as they are applied to toxic agents in the environment
Describe the occurrence and significance of major classes of environmental toxicants
Discuss the importance of planning for mass casualty events

Learning Activities:

Reviews the required readings and web links provided in the module
Complete the unit assignment by the due date posted in the course

Required Readings:
Holtz, C. (2013). Global health care (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Chapter 13: Global Perspectives on Violence, Injury, and Occupational Health
Chapter 16: Global Perspectives on Environmental Health
Chapter 22: Health and Health Care in Israel
Unit Assignment:
Unfortunately, over the past several years there have been many examples of natural and manmade disasters worldwide.
Select a recent disaster and describe and discuss the following information:

Select a disaster that occurred within the last 3 years.
Describe the type of disaster and the effect the disaster had on the local community, state (or region), and country; the types of responses to the disaster (first responders, medical/health– short and longer term; nutrition/food provision, temporary housing, construction, infrastructure rebuilding, and any other assistance that was provided.
Describe any infectious disease outbreaks that occurred as a result of the disaster.
Describe conditions in the country/state/region that contributed to any infectious disease outbreaks.
What did the country/state/region do to deal with the disaster?
Describe what the country/state/region could have done to better deal with the disaster.
Describe the current situation in the country/state/region in terms of returning to a pre-disaster state.


APA format/style is expected
Upload the assignment (~ 500 words, 2-3 pages) as a Word by the assignment due date.
No Title Page, No Table of Contents, No Abstract
Header and File name: Last name – Disaster
Also post the paper directly into the discussion forum.
Grades will be determined as outlined in the Grading Rubric.


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