Extra Credit Options
You can choose one of the following to complete for extra credit.  Please read the website for the due date of this assignment.  No late work will be accepted.
The answers your extra credit are to be posted on your Discussion Board for this week.
Extra credit is worth a total of 15 points and you may only choose one of the options below to complete for credit.
Please be sure to identify which option you have chosen in the subject line of your discussion board posting.
Please email me if you have any questions!
Option #1
Choose a movie that depicts a psychological disorder or therapeutic treatment approach.  For your discussion board write up, answer the following:

What is the name of the movie you watched?
In 1-2 paragraphs, discuss the plot summary of the movie.
Discuss the psychological disorder portrayed.
Based on what you learned in this class, did the movie portray the disorder or therapy realistically? Explain your response.

Option #2
Pick two mnemonic devices a student could use to help remember information.  For your discussion board write up, answer the following.

Which two mnemonic devices did you choose?
How do these two techniques aid in memory.
Choose 8 concepts from any chapter in the text and specifically demonstrate how your mnemonic devices can applied to remember that 8 concepts you have chosen.

Option #3 
Search online for a free online stress test.  Take the test and answer the following questions for your write up.

What is the name and web address of the stress test you took?
List five questions you were asked, and how you answered them?
What were your results? Does this seem accurate to you?
Discuss how stress can be both beneficial and harmful to us?

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