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*This assignment can be turned in anytime between now and the last day of class
Attend a cultural event that is related to a culture or ethnic group that
is different from your own.  Then write a two page reflection paper in
which you include the following:
1.  A description of the event
2.  What you learned about the culture from participating, and your
reaction to the experience.
3.  Documentation / proof of attendance:  Scan in and attach any
program materials. etc. that you collected at the event.  You might
also want to upload any photos that you take.
Papers must be based on something
experienced THIS semester.  Families, children and significant others
are also encouraged to attend this experience with you.
Here are some examples:
4.  Attend a cultural event or festival from a culture other than your own.  If you
are in the Phoenix metro area you can consult AZ Central’s event
calendar: http://www.azcentral.com/thingstodo/events/ or http://phoenix.about.com/cs/events/a/festi
vals01.htm for cultural events around Phoenix.  If you are located
elsewhere you consult your local newspaper for cultural events and
5.  Go sari shopping, out to eat for Indian food then watch an Indian
6.  Try a new type of food that you have never eaten before, Café
Lalibela: http://www.cafelalibela.com/ has great Ethiopian food.   Here is a list of
different ethnic restaurants in the Phoenix metro area for those of you
who are located
locally: http://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=ethnicmarkets&find_loc=Phoenix,+AZ
7.  Watch a foreign language film with a friend from a culture different
then your own and have then help to explain the cultural significance
of the film. Then make a dinner from their culture.
8.  Visit a religious establishment from a religion other then your own
Logistics:  Papers must be at least two pages long, include documentation
and be based upon something that you experienced this semester.
Superior  Strong  Competent  Weak  Not
Description of the
30  25  20  15  0
What you learned &
your reaction to the
35  30  25  20  0
Documentation  20

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