Two pages are required for inclusion and discussion.
In this e-mail you find:
1. A file containing the search depths introduction & method sections.
2. A file containing the required criteria for conclusion.
3. A file that has GS criteria is required for discussion.
4. We are going to sort out the results, but in order to win the time, please write the two parts without the results. They will be added later, and there may be correlations between the two questionnaires (bsq, ede-q)
5. The target group was stated for adolescents and adults
6. Do not include anything related to the figure rating scale where it will be excluded from the search
7. There are some points that help to solve the partial discussion Please take all of them and add what can be added:
Our survey has been distributed to the big cites of Saudi Arabia ( damam,riyadh, and Jeddah) so this findings may not fit the other cites or the rural areas of saudi
It may can’t be generalized to other gulf countries because we couldn’t reach their participation.
Our survey was long and that may make participants response not that accurate. But long survey give clearer picture about the topic
Positive points
Our research based on finding that used valid and reliable questionnaires, and to start with this number of participants in topic that not really common is vary essential to make other in depth researches in future discussing same issue.
There is limited research about symptomlogy and psychopathology of eating disorder in the gulf region and Saudi Arabia in particular, and starting to make similar research is important to establish new norms and point the cultural differences in diagnosis of eating disorder, find ways to spread awareness, find therapy choices that fit the region’s culture and norms.
A wider group of participants with different nationalities, gender, and age group would be beneficial.
Start to spread awareness and information about symptoms of eating disorder and how to prevent it, and help to find places for people who need therapy because people with eating disorder are struggling with ideas of suicide in silence, so quick detecting and early intervention is needed

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