PUP 412:  FINAL PAPER 2017
Cities get divided by war, religion, politics, national boundaries–or by all of the above.  Often a smaller city may be “nested” within a larger city as in the case of Sun City within Phoenix, or Old Delhi in Delhi, India.  While some divisions are peaceful, others are conflicted. For example, are there divides in culture and lifestyles?   Do the two sides WANT a wall or not?  How do people move across boundaries?  How does the economy work?  Maybe the poor on one side work for the rich on the other (as in South African cities, even today).
For this paper, choose your city.  Then focus on one or two aspects of your chosen city.  Economy?  Logistics—how do people travel?  Maybe you want to look at spread of powers:  is one side or the other in control?
For your final paper for this class, please write a minimum of 5 pages (1.5” spaced) on your chosen “divided” city.
References in addition to your page count.   Provide a minimum of four references.  While you will draw online for much of your information, please consult at least ONE journal article–this will point to areas of discussion.
Preferably, you will submit a printed copy in my mailbox or under my door.  You should be aware the 5th Floor gets locked up after 6.00 pm.  Also submit a copy online via Blackboard.
Some suggestions for writing good papers:

Start by telling us what this paper is about. Why is your topic important?
Provide a time frame if relevant, this makes it easier for your reader; give us dates. Briefly, when did your city become divided?  Any recent events worth noting?
At the end, you might point to some underlying questions or discussion topics.


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