Summary of Organic Food Consumers Article
Most people who eat organic foods regularly do not purchase their produce from superstores because they do not trust the organic products. The consumers’ main concern when purchasing organic foods from large companies is if it came from across the border. Superstores’ items are most likely purchased in large bulk and carried across the country. The organic label still may not convince the customer to purchase the product. Regular consumers are still unsure of what might have been in the soil prior to the “organic” produce. They have no idea where the produce comes from, who in particular grows it, and the environment the crops were grown in. They would rather pay the premium price for fresh, local produce while supporting the local farmers.
It’s important for the organic food consumers to trust where their groceries are coming from, as that is what will make an organic market successful. The customers like to have knowledge about the products (where it came from, what makes it organic, the process the food went through, etc.). If a business carries a variety of local produce, it will attract people to come that are conscious about their health. “It seems…that the organic lifestyle is based on trust between consumers and producers.”
Consumers’ main concerns are the labels, the process the foods have to go through to be certified organic, and who is in charge of that process. To attract organic food consumers, make sure that the products are easy to identify and show that they are organic certified. The products need to be organized and easy to find. Similar items should be grouped together rather than be spread out around the store. This will make the customer feel more comfortable; therefore, it will help build trust between the customer and the business.
Some people do not purchase organic foods not necessarily because of the price but because of the lack of knowledge about the products. It’s important to know about what you’re selling so the customers get honest, quality answers to their questions. That will make them feel more secure in the product. The organic farming industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the food market in the United States. It’s important to get a good grasp on what the consumers do and do not want, so our business can rise with the organic food industry.
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