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For my cause and effect essay, I am choosing to write about something that I have (and probably some of my peers have as well) experienced. The topic that I chose was how long distance relationships can cause huge trust issues for those who partake in them.
I usually go about finding all of my resources the same way; I log into the Pasadena City College Database, and use EbscoHost to find articles that I may use in my essay. In order to refine my searches to “newspaper or magazine articles”, there is a tab on the left that you click on those options, and the database will display only those kinds of articles.
One of the challenges that I face while searching for articles is the time commitment that it takes, often times I just pick two random articles that look like they may be helpful, however, when I go to write my essay, there is not much that is helpful. I have been working on this, but any tips that my peers have would be helpful!

For my topic I chose drug addiction. Homelessness is one of the affects of drug addiction, it is caused because people addicted to drugs are not able to hold a job therefore they are not able to make money, they lose family and friends and therefore have no one to live with, or they end up with criminal records therefore not able to rent a house or get a job, this all causes homelessness. To find these resources I went on the the Pasadena city college website and went to the library page and looked up drug addiction in the database. One challenge I face is limiting the amount of issues I pick, drug addiction has a lot of issues associated with it, more than I can write about so it is hard to limit it to just one or two important ones.
In my previous Observation and reflective essays I highlighted on the topic of miscarriage and it psychological effects on women who had such experiences. I also talked about the negative attitudes of some people towards these women because of cultural or societal norms.
It was not easy to find full studies about this topic in news papers. but with further researches I found a “piece” of article which is short handling the topic;
And the second article is about  the Skye Foundation that aims to raise awareness about the life-altering impact that stillbirth has on families.
In my cause and effect essay I will use these 2 sources from news papers and continue my researches for further information. My researches basically are from the Shatford Library data bases. I searched for magazines and newspapers. I entered key words like miscarriage, psychology, depression and then chose from the sources what are best for the topic.

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