WEEK 7 Design Project Presentation:
Considering all reading and course discussions, design the physical security requirements for a privately owned single story distribution center (warehouse for various retail goods).
This question requires you to incorporate all the major points from the course reading and discussions: physical design, CPTED, physical security, barriers, locks, lighting, IDS, entry control and CCTV/recording.
The greater the detail/application of each of these and other security measures the greater your score.
As a basis for your physical security requirements, ensure you incorporate standards, guidelines, best practices and/or other resources that are properly cited via in-text citations and references.
Superior projects that receive high scores will include numerous standards, guidelines, etc. (particularly those from ASIS, other organizations, and government sources).
This course requires an e-book: Effective Physical Security – 4th edition by Fennelly (2013).
The research project presentation must have a minimum of 12 slides with “extensive” “speaker notes” (bottom of "each slide") and "not" exceed 15 slides.
Mandatory Project Format (sequence and specific headings):
Slide 1:
Title slide (similar to an APA title page – title, name, date, etc., but no running head)
Slide 2:
Introduction (do not forget to introduce your project)
Slide 3 to as necessary 8 or 9:
Body of your project (various physical security elements to be included in and around the building
Next Slide
Conclusion (title this section Conclusion) Common point loss for those that omit this slide.
Final Slide/s
References: There is no minimum, but eight to 10 are highly recommended for a superior score. These sources should support your physical security design/component choices and supporting standards, guidelines, best practices, etc.
Your final slide will be titled References. Recall to adhere to the APA for reference formatting: alphabetize (common point loss), only first initials for first names (common point loss), double space references, use a second/third line 0.5” hanging indent, References must have matching in-text citations in the body of your project (and vice versa). Do "not" list only electronic links/websites.
TIPS to Avoid Loss of Points: Follow all above instructions. Do "not" use contractions (don’t, isn’t, etc.) or "I," "me," "you," "we," and "her/him" in academic writing. Avoid "crowding" slides with too much content (words, generally). Use the speaker notes section at the bottom the slide to place most of your wording.
Tips for a High Quality/Superior Slide Presentation: Enhance your slides with data (charts, graphs, etc.) and perhaps some professional graphics (images, diagrams, etc.) and "some" color to make it more content rich and visually appealing.
"Only" presentations that follow the above directions and are both content rich and visually appealing will receive "superior scores."
Projects must be submitted/uploaded into Assignments as an attached "MS PowerPoint" document only for grading.

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