Final Project Outline:
Your course project will incorporate the following scenario:
You are the General Manager of a 580-room hotel with a small outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. The hotel also has a very small fitness area of less than 600 square feet. The hotel was recently bought by an independent investment group, and included in the purchase of the property was enough additional land to support any kind of recreational facility, including a nine-hole golf course. The owners have a large amount of capital raised to renovate the hotel’s recreational facilities. You have been assigned the task to determine which recreation facility should be tackled initially and oversee the project.
The project is due week 10 and has been broken down into different segments.
In order to accomplish the project, you will have to select a community/city that the hotel will be located within so that you can successfully gather information on that city. You also need to name your hotel.
Each Part of the project is due on the marked week. Each part is worth (20 pts) ,This totals 140 points. The Final Project will be worth 60 points and will be graded on appearance, content, professionalism, revisions, MLA guidelines and concept of facilities.
You are competing for an upper level management position with a medium sized boutique hotel in Key West. The hotel has recently been purchased by a new owner looking to make some changes and revitalize the business through the addition of recreational facilities to gain a competitive advantage over others and attract a larger portion of the market place. Currently the business is a Full-service mid-priced hotel. The new owner is currently renovating the rooms and common areas to augment the hotel into a luxury resort and hotel. You will, throughout this course,  develop a proposal to “win” the position through the development of plan for recreational additions to the existing hotel.

Part 1 –Due week 3 (DONE AND ATTACHED FOR YOU)


Name your hotel Key west Inc _Your Name
Determine, through research, the common types of health, fitness, recreation and sport facilities found at three-star hotel or resort properties. Your response should include a brief description of the hotel and recreation services. Note the hotel’s prominent features, resources, services or other distinguishing characteristics. Indicate what you like about each facility that you would incorporate into your own hotel.
Once the research is done, you are to write a two page memo to the board of directors describing your top three recreation selections, a thorough explanation on each of your choices, and indicate in order of preference which facilities should be built and your rationales. Included in your rationales should be some information about the location, potential customers, and data on the particular types of facilities you have chosen.


Part 2- Due week 4 (DONE AND ATTACHED FOR YOU)

Complete a needs analysis for the facility you have chosen for your final project. You will want to include the four key areas – data gathering, data analysis, needs established and needs prioritized. Think about what key areas you will need to consider and which might be impacted when adding the new addition, what data will you need, why you think this is the right facility for the hotel based on needs, and who might be your competition. Then place everything in order of priority. Include solid explanations as to how you came to your conclusions you did, as well as how each might impact the overall hotel operations.
Part 4 – Due week 6 (YOU WILL DO THIS PART)
Create a Facility Area Materials Checklist. This list will focus on each of the impacted areas, including questions, tasks, challenges, and important details you will need to consider as you go forward with the project. Depending on which recreation facility you are managing, this checklist will help you to organize the project and gather all the key project tasks.

Community contacts
Management staffing
Building needs ( equipment, flooring, etc)
Decorating theme
Ancillary areas
Utilities and services


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