Compose your 7 page paper to determine the best course of action and what your case formulation would be in a specific case, based upon principles you have learned during the course.
Provide a plan of action and interpret the crisis within a theoretical framework, drawing from the textbook readings and/or outside research. You must justify the use of the theories you cite and explain the crisis in terms of that theory. You also must use a model of assessment, intervention, and treatment. Include in your assessment the possible psychological diagnosis (if you feel there is a mental illness), how you would treat it, a referral to an appropriate facility if necessary, and your thoughts on how this crisis is most likely to be resolved.
Also discuss the substance abuse of Cassandra’s family members. Is there evidence that states chemical dependency is passed on from one generation to another? Could Cassandra’s behavior be attributed to the cultural environment/genetic make-up with regard to any substance abuse tendencies? Include a discussion of this possibility in your plan of action and explain how traits are inherited in populations and identify genes and DNA as the mechanism for inheritance.
Lastly, discuss the ethical issues that may arise during your crisis work, including how you would handle the client’s homicidal ideation as well as the presence of police officers during a confidential interview. Also include which characteristics of a crisis worker are needed specifically for this case. Indicate what additional information you would want to gather, how you would gather it, and how that information would change your approach with this client. Finally, describe how you would handle the escalation in behaviors from the client and ensure her safety.
Cassandra’s Case:
You are the on-call crisis psychologist for Mercy Hospital. Cassandra Smith is a 21-year-old black female who has been brought in to the crisis center in handcuffs and leg chains. She appears disheveled, she is talking to herself, and has bruises all over her face and body.You are told by the officers who bring Cassandra in that she is being detained for a fight with her boyfriend. There is indication that she may have killed him, but it is not confirmed. Throughout the interview, she is unable to directly answer your questions and often smiles when talking about important negative information. She indicates that she was not born in the U.S., and when living in another country she often saw her mother get physically and sexually abused by her father and grandfather, and she also indicates she thinks this happened to her too. She also states that her father was an alcoholic and her brother has struggled with heroin addiction. You learn that Cassandra saw a psychologist as a child and has been hospitalized three times for attempting suicide. The last hospitalization was three months ago, when she was admitted to Mercy Hospital for cutting her wrist. Throughout the interview, she continues to ask how her boyfriend is doing, if she can see him, and if she is going to jail. All of the information has been provided by Ms. Smith with the exception of why she is in the hospital, which was offered by the police officers who brought her in.When you ask about suicidal ideation, she denies any thoughts, but when asked about homicidal ideation she states that she “feels like killing someone, to see how it feels to take someone’s life.” She doesn’t know who, but wants it to be a family member for all the “stuff they put her through.” When asked about her sleep, she indicates nightmares in which she begins to sweat and curls up in a ball when she thinks about her father.
Throughout the entire interview, the police officers are standing over her and listening. They refuse to leave because she is in custody. About 30 minutes into the interview, Cassandra wants to stop and go home. When the officers indicate that she cannot leave, she becomes verbally abusive and starts to yell and curse at them.

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