MIS Ethics — Tutorial Work
The text, Experiencing MIS
Use book: Kroenke, D, Bunker, D & Wilson, D 2016, Experiencing MIS, 4th edn, Pearson Australia, Australia.
Here you will critique the textbook’s approach to ethics.

Is it what you expected?
Is it suitable for you?
Is it consistent with your value system?
Which of the three approaches to ethics in the Week 12 notes do you prefer? Why? (Note: I have attached Week 12 notes, please check)

Discuss Table 1 of Week 12 notes. What is the difference between Ethical and legal?

Give an example from your experience of each of the four groups.
Why does this matter?
Which takes precedence for you?
Would you do something legal even if it was unethical?
Would you do something ethical even if it was illegal?
Can you imagine a situation where you might be persuaded to do Something that was both Illegal and unethical


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