Your 100 point writing project will be due either in the Management Department office or in my mailbox just outside it by no later  You may also turn the paper in during  if desired.
You will be preparing a paper that is five (5) to six (6) pages long (standard double-spaced, normal one-inch margins).  You should also do a separate “Works Cited” page of the research materials you consulted to prepare your paper – any citation form is acceptable.
The paper will ask you to research and write about three (3) separate topics.  You may divide your paper up as you see fit, so you do not have to write the same amount on each topic as long as you adequately answer the questions about all three (3) topics.
Please write about all three of the following topics:

In order to secure funding for a proposed business, potential investors will generally want to see a written business plan before they will invest any money. Please describe what are the most commonly used sections of a good business plan and what each section should discuss.


What is meant by the term “social entrepreneurship?” Please cite at least one example (and more if you would like) of a company that illustrates social entrepreneurship and describe the problem the business is trying to address.


What is meant by the term “cryptocurrency?” What is blockchain technology and how does it work?  Please describe at least one other potential application of blockchain technology besides its use in cryptocurrency.

In grading your papers, I will be looking for thoughtful analysis, creativity, sound reasoning, as well as the technical aspects of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
As a practical matter, I highly recommend that you don’t just use one of the first few resources you find during an Internet search.  Dig a little deeper – there’s no shortage of material on all three of these topics.  When multiple people cite the same source, it is more difficult to stand out and correspondingly more likely that someone else will do a better job than you in discussing the material.  Please enjoy the process and try to find something of particular value to your own life journey and career plans in at least one of these topics.

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