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The meaning of the phrase post-truth was defined by Oxford Dictionary as “those can influence the will of the people based on personal attitude and believes more compared with subjective things.” In other word, the attitude and emotion of the people are more important than the reality.
News written may take more problems, because words are more easy to written by their authors. In addition, evidence seldom is showed in the form of words. More frequently, evidence is showed in the forms of pictures, videos and other kinds of forms.
Sometimes, some fake news may cause the loss of people’s interest and other kinds of bad things. It has no doubts that these fake news break the law. However, other fake news which don’t make any trouble may not break the law, such a person tells others a joke and so on. People judge whether a fake news break the law or not based on the specific situation. There are many rules and regulations about the topic in the law.
It has been last for ten months. The problem is that people are difficult to analyze the preciseness of the news based on their past experience, so they have to ask for help from other news resources or institutions and so on. In order to solve these problem, a lawmaker advised the government to set classes on the schools.
Hate speech is more popular in modern society, because the convenience of several kinds of medias and the assistant of the internet. People question the content of hate speech and decide to find the person who spread the hate speech. In western society, people have the liberty to spread their voices, so such a kind of bad action doesn’t break the law, but it breaks social rules and moral regulations.
Nowadays, there is plenty of information in people’s lives, these information can be typed into various of classes. In order to avoid mistakes, people have to make sure whether they are right or not. Compared with eastern countries, people have more liberty to spread their voices and western people should do good jobs, avoid to spread negative information. In the era of information, people have to master enough skills of handling with information.

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