HRMT 4338
Course Project (20 %)
LK Business Supplies is a company selling commercial stationery to offices in and around Lexington, Kentucky. Most of its business comes from general office supplies, such as paper, pens, printer cartridges etc., although it also supplies office machines.
The office is staffed as follows:


Admin staff                  3

Sales Manager
Field Sales                   6

Tele-sales                     4
Customer Support        1

Warehouse Manager
Warehouse man           4

Driver                           5

The tele-sales staff are involved predominantly in selling to small and medium companies and the field sales staff to larger accounts, with the focus on new as well as existing customers
Set up in 2010, LK Business Supplies has grown very quickly, but in 2017 it was still very heavily dependent on the corporate memory, skills and experience of its Manager, Sam Millwood, brother of the founder, Walt Millwood. Until recently, Sam was responsible for just about everything. He had been involved since the company was founded, had held a variety of positions and had an intimate understanding of the organization’s operations and history. And, of course, he had a direct line of communication to the CEO, his brother.
On April 5th, 2017, Sam was killed in a freak car accident on the highway. His unexpected death was a hammer blow and a huge shock to his colleagues. Everything he had known about the organization was “in his head.” Although Walt had often asked him to document information and pass his knowledge on to others, this had never happened. Sam had always been “too busy”.
Walt Millwood has decided to retire and has sold the company to Chuck Wentworth. Chuck wants to invest a large sum of money in order to expand the company’s operations. He  has hired you to draw up a consultancy report in which you:

Conduct a PESTLE analysis
Identify likely future trends
Identify key problems
Propose and justify new positions to help the company expand
Draw up a proposed organization chart for the company
Explain the advantages of a succession management process
Describe the succession management process you are proposing


Each group is to submit both a written report and a soft copy.
Use size 12, Times New Roman font, double spaced, minimum of 12 pages.
The report should have:
Cover page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Main Body


Tables, diagrams and figures should be sourced accordingly and include proper referencing and bibliography.

Copy paste and plagiarism is not allowed. If your report shows more than 10 %, marks will be deducted accordingly.
50 % of the total marks will be deducted for late submission

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