Please ensure you show interpretation about the story, and deep discussion about the novel. The most important thing which will deduct points from the paper, "Never ever summarize the story", just explain your argument and try to show creativity while writing, even if the professor disagree with your argument, but it has to make sense, understandable and related to the story. For example, "Sam is untrusted person, who cheated his wife, which is impolite and massive action that is made by Sam, but he found out his wife is cheating him as well, which led Sam to make non-behavioral action." Please avoid writing like this, "Sam cheated his wife because she cheated him." This is going to result very low grade.
The course is about Jewish literature, and this paper is very important to earn high grade.
Please ensure you use only the below resource, and you can choose one of the 2 stories to write about:
1- The chosen by Potok
2- Night by Wiesel
if you decide to write about Night, ensure you write about the relationship between Elie and his father.
If you decide to write about the chosen, make sure you either analyze in depth the relationship between Sanders and Danny, or the 4 characters. In the attachments you can find the topics.
I have handwritten notes, that could be helpful but my hand writing isn’t clear, and I’m not sure if you like my notes, so decide and let me know as soon as you can please.
If you have any question or unclear arguments, please ask and I’ll pass your questions to the prof. who is very flexible to answer any argument, even if you finish the paper earlier, she’s flexible to make correction on the argument or grammar mistakes.

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