" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0zgoxvJo24 "
Please watch the play Boeing Boeing and write a review about it. The one we’re assigned to see live is identical to the one on YouTube. I attached the handout for the actors & the director names.u " Reviews are a combination of fact (what you saw, who wrote it, who directed it, where you saw it, when you saw it, a few of the performers you saw) and your response to what you saw. A few ideas for exploring:
a) was the plot easy to follow? If not, why not?
b) were you impressed, engaged, or moved by the performances in any way? How so? (and if not, why not?)
c) was the language of the play easy to understand or not? (If not, why not?)
d) how did the production look and sound (design elements)? You can discuss costumes, set, lighting, sound, and other aspects of design. Did these design elements contribute positively to telling the story and enhancing the production? Why or why not?
e) did you find anything offensive in the production? If so, what was it?
f) what did you notice about audience behavior? Did they seem engaged? Respectful? Bored? Was there any bad behavior (cell phone use, talking, etc.)?
You don’t absolutely have to answer all those questions, but some of them might inspire you to explore your response on a deeper level than you might first imagine. "

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