Oral Presentation Information
Each oral presentation involves a ten-minute presentation with the use of visual aids and a question and answer session (your audience will ask you questions).
Please review Chapter 14 for advice on preparation, organization, visual aids, delivery, etc., as well as the instructions provided in class prior to the oral presentations. Here are some reminders:
For the introduction:

Capture the audience’s attention/get the audience involved (by asking a question, telling a brief relevant story, providing a startling fact, etc.)
Identify yourself.
Establish your credibility.
Preview your main points.

For the body of the report:

Limit the presentation to only a few main points.
Provide explanations/illustrations/details to explain each point.

For the conclusion:

Indicate clearly that you’re concluding.

Review/summarize the main points.
Provide a final focus (what the audience has learned, what they should do with the information, etc.).
Encourage the audience to ask questions

Remember to provide transition words/phrases/sentences between the introduction, body, and conclusions and between each main point discussed in the body.
Visuals Aids
You are required to use PowerPoint or a similar visual aid in your oral presentation. Remember to test your file storage in advance if you use computer slides and to edit/proofread all computer slides, and handouts. Pay attention to the appearance of your visual aids (regarding color scheme, font size, spacing of lettering, etc.) Use words and phrases in outline form—not dense text (full sentences/paragraphs).

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