The project concept for our group is a redesign of the intersection of Ruden Street with Campbell Avenue, as well as First Avenue with Campbell Avenue. We are proposing installing two traffic circles to alleviate the traffic congestion at these locations. We are also proposing a bypass route on the University of New Haven side which will require a retaining wall. The project will include either a pedestrian bridge or tunnel on Campbell Ave and also a pedestrian bridge or tunnel on Ruden Street. The bridge/tunnel on Campbell Avenue looks to integrate the Shoprite, Bank of America and McDonald’s shopping center to the overall master plan of the University of New Haven enhancing the appeal for potential students. This structure will facilitate access to costumers from the University to these businesses. Another advantage of this structure is the improved vehicular mobility around this intersection. The redesign of these intersections will provide the University with a new, grand, esthetically appealing entrance. The bridge or tunnel on Ruden Street will connect Main Campus to South Campus. The bridge/tunnel on Ruden Street will improve the safety of pedestrians and improve vehicular traffic flow. The team is in preliminary talks with UNH facilities to extend Terrance Avenue and connect it to Route 1.
The team anticipates looking at average daily traffic at these intersections, however we will look to designing for future traffic. We will work with the University of New Haven and the City of West Haven to determine anticipated traffic flow coming from the University and expected traffic grow along these corridors. The intersection will take into account existing utilities and possible rerouting of existing infrastructure. We will look at storm management requirements and design any collections system or retention/detention basins as needed. The traffic patterns on Campbell Avenue and First Avenue may have to be updated as part of the project.
For the bridges and tunnels, we are looking at designing esthetically appealing structures. We are looking at the possibility of installing arch bridges, however we will look at other Universities for inspiration and take into account existing architecture to have our structures fit well with existing features. The team will look at available soil borings which will facilitate the design. We will look to create cost analysis and cost benefits of various construction methods. The team will incorporate sustainable concepts such as interconnected signaling, solar panels, solar generation stations. As part of the project we will look to create plans in AutoCAD and renderings.
Beth Ann Smith, PE from GHD INC, has agreed to be our sponsor. She is a senior Geotechnical Engineer. GHD INC also has structural engineers and transportation engineers which are available to answer questions. The team will also contact CTDOT and the City of West Haven as a source of information. We will work the Facilities Department at the University of New Haven to incorporate their ideas, suggestions and needs as part of the project.

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