Global Citizen Action Projects & Presentations In the second week of the term, all class members will be assigned to a team of approximately 4 students. Each team will select a topic and be given a specific date during the semester, at which time they are expected to present a blueprint for their Global Citizen Action Project. Students are expected to acquaint their audience with the proposed venture and to lead a discussion, based on two specific questions formulated by the group. Additionally, each team will develop and carry out a participatory activity for members of the class to further their understanding of the social problem and possible solutions. Any additional material such as a Video/You Tube clips to enhance the presentation will be permitted and the class event is expected to last approximately 30 – 45 minutes. Assigned readings on the issue must be submitted to the class through Blackboard no later than 48 hours before class time. At the end of the semester, each group must submit a detailed report outlining their Global Citizen Action Project along with an honest evaluation of its success. The details will be expanded upon as we move through the semester. This is a gradable assignment with the following requirements and evaluation standards: The Team’s Grading applies to all team members jointly and is based upon: 1) Timeliness and accuracy of the submission; 2) Relevance of the selected supporting Video Clip, as applicable; 3) Quality of the proposal and implementation of the project; and 4) Effectiveness of the Team’s “in-class” presentation and class discussion. The weekly class discussions are an important element of the student’s learning experience in this course. The process described above is intended to help students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and deep reflection skills. They will also become versed in synthesizing materials and making observations about important class-related themes as well as their own experiences or worldviews. All logistical arrangements and audiovisual equipment requests related to your team’s presentation is your responsibility. Projects will be presented throughout the term. Your particular presentation date will be determined randomly and will depend upon other scheduled activities. This assignment requires substantial preparation.
It is a group paper, 8-10 pages we have worked on environmental sustainability. We are supposed to reflect our experience. Our experience was volunteering for American Univerity Beautification day 2017, so we latterly plant trees to achieve our goals, which is in the PP, attached.
Our group was a group of 5 : Saeed, Ali, Hamad, Abdulla, , Ansel.

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