Strategic management vocabulary
Recent event

Provide a brief overview of the business, markets, products and operations of Under Armor (UA)
Based on the case facts (and not on your opinion). What is UA’s mission and vision?
Based on the case facts (and not on your opinion). What are the most recent that will impact the decision of the management and the future direction of the firm.
Which of the 5 most commonly used strategic approaches, best describes (resembles) UA’s current strategic actions best?


Briefly summarize the “strategic situation “UA is a facing, by considering the state of affairs both within UA, and the industry.
Make a specific statement about whether the company’s prospect are good , indefinite, or poor.
What is the “strategic issue” faced by UA ..? ( the strategic issue must be a single , well-crafted sentence that captures the fundamental problems and concerns that came out of the analysis of UA. This single sentence must be formed as a question and will end with a question mark (?) write this in very specific term….

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