The Portfolio
❏         Select one of your previous major assignments to revise.
Pick either your rhetorical analysis or your controversy analysis to revise.  You do not need to rewrite that project. Just choose one part of it that you think needed the most improvement and revise it. This element might be typography or layout or adding visuals or data displays, whatever you feel is appropriate for the project. Just remember that you have to be able to explain your choice in writing.
❏         Collect *any* writing that you did for this class that you think demonstrates the things you will write in bullet point 3.
Like we said at the beginning of the semester, when we say any writing for this class, we really mean it. It might be notes you made in class, or all of the major assignments you did including all the rough drafts, or it might be one or two homework assignments that you felt had a big influence on your learning this semester, or even all of the homework assignments put together in a way that you think demonstrates the learning outcomes.
❏         Write a reflective memo explaining what you learned over the course the semester and how those things are reflected in the redesign in bullet point 1 *and also* the things you collect in bullet point 2.
The main focus of the memo is going to be the course learning outcomes (see Course Goals & Outcomes at the end). Before writing, carefully read over the outcomes and decide which of these learning outcomes you have learned over the course of the semester and explain how that learning is demonstrated in the other writing you submit along with the memo (the previous 2 bullet points).
Talk about the project you chose to revise. Why did you choose the one you chose? What revisions did you make and why? How are those choices reflected in the learning outcomes and keywords? Try to be as specific as possible.
Be sure to also tell your instructor how the pieces you’ve included are examples of those outcomes.
Course Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1: Rhetorical Awareness
Learn strategies for analyzing texts’ audiences, purposes, and contexts as a means of developing facility in reading and writing.
Student Learning Outcomes:

analyze the ways a text’s purposes, audiences, and contexts influence rhetorical options.
respond to a variety of writing contexts calling for purposeful shifts in structure, medium, design, level of formality, tone, and/or voice.

Goal 2: Critical Thinking and Composing
Use reading and writing for purposes of critical thinking, research, problem solving, action, and participation in conversations within and across different communities.
Student Learning Outcomes:

employ a variety of research methods, including primary and/or secondary research, for purposes of inquiry.
evaluate the quality, appropriateness, and credibility of sources.
synthesize research findings in development of an argument.
compose persuasive researched arguments for various audiences and purposes, and in multiple modalities.

Goal 3: Reflection and Revision
Understand composing processes as flexible and collaborative, drawing upon multiple strategies and informed by reflection.
Student Learning Outcomes:

adapt composing and revision processes for a variety of technologies and modalities.
identify the collaborative and social aspects of writing processes.
reflect on their progress as academic writers.

Goal 4: Conventions
Understand conventions as related to purpose, audience, and genre, including such areas as mechanics, usage, citation practices, as well as structure, style, graphics, and design.
Student Learning Outcomes:

reflect on why genre conventions for structure, paragraphing, tone, and mechanics vary.
identify and effectively use variations in genre conventions, including formats and/or design features.
demonstrate familiarity with the concepts of intellectual property (such as fair use and copyright) that motivate documentation conventions.


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