Instruction for this assignment:

Write a 1-page rhetorical analysis of one of these videos.
Rhetorical analysis practice (NRA video)
I would like to do rhetorical analysis base on the YouTube video called “Moms Like Me” by Dana Loesch. This video talks about moms are the majority that want the freedom of survive.
From a stereotype situation, moms or women usually don’t have the power to defend themselves. Instead of being victims, moms should own guns to protect their own family. Based on the video story, I am going to analysis from many point of views.
I would like to start from the purpose of this video and break down the message that Dana had try to express.  This video is trying to announce to the public that people should have awareness on using guns for protection and advocate the use of guns. On the other hand, also challenge the media of the stereotype situation. The primary audience for this video would be moms or women.
The secondary audience would be parents, families, or even protect whoever is important. Moreover, with the Christian necklace as part of her outfit, she indirectly speaker to the people who go to church should also put more thoughts one this topic. From the beginning of the video, Dana had mention “I am a mom…” which directly speak to the primary audience about owning guns can bring the safety. Dana had position herself as a mom position which give the credit to the credibility of about she says. She took the initiative to speak to the public about women using guns. She not only mentions it once but at least three times throughout the whole video clip. She did put a lot of focus on “mom.” From the stereotype type that she gave is about social media only report when women got killed at the house. Keep flow through her logic she is trying to take us to is women should own guns to protect themselves instead of rely on someone else. She used the comparison to hence her argument stronger and more persuasive. The video music background hence the seriousness of audiences’ heart by playing serious soft music. In addition, her black jacket outfit reflect that mom who has guns look cool. At the same time the black and white style of this video does let audience the feel of how serious this is.
In sum, the overall of this video has strong persuasion to the target audiences due to every details and examples had given full with strong evidences. Thing she did in the video has direct correction to the topic she is taking about.

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