All main points should be in full sentence form.  All transitions should be completely written out in full sentence form.  All cites should be written out completely, boldfaced, and clearly demarcated with quotation marks and a parenthetical reference; paraphrases also require a parenthetical reference.
SPEECH TITLE: California Preposition 187
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: Inform on the Propo 197
THESIS STATEMENT/CENTRAL IDEA:  The Propo 187 is more relevant today that it was years back.

ATTENTION GRABBER: Hello every one, It has been over 2 decades since Californians conducted a referendum aimed at reducing the number of the undocumented immigrants in the State.
CLEARLY REVEAL THE TOPIC: The Proposition 187 was an illegal ballot measure aimed at curtailing the liberty of the people to live and stay in this land of opportunity.
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO MY AUDIENCE?: The issue is interesting that the State of California still feels the impact of the controversial policy that shaped the direction of politics in this state.
ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY: The issue is still very relevant now than it was then, because of the racist remarks from different corners of this nation.
PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: The issue to be addressed in this speech  is in regard to the legality and constitutionality of discrimination on illegal immigrants.


MAIN POINT: Proposition 187 was an illegal ballot measure aimed at curtailing the liberty of the people to live and stay in this land of opportunity.

Clearly, the measure was proposed and advanced with racist people with the agenda of propagating racism and xenophobia within California.

The proponents of the move were republicans who advance their anti- immigrant agendas.
just as they are doing right now with the effort to rally support to their proposal of curbing the expenses of the state by denying essential social services to undocumented immigrants living in the country illegally (Dynamski 2010).

The draconian measure tried to block essential services to immigrant

Essentially because of the states of their citizenship,
It took keen interest to do a background check to ascertain the citizenship of the immigrants before essential services would be rendered.

TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: The constitutionality of the blockage of the services is disputable.

MAIN POINT: The proposition 187 was unconstitutional because the court disputed the measure supporting the revolt from the Latinos living in the City.

The constitution clearly objects to any form of alienation based on either race or even color.

Cleary the immigration policies advanced by the republicans at the time targeted at discriminating people and denying essential services
Enacting the policies in the Proposition meant denying the immigrants within the State the very means of survival, and it was like denying them the opportunity to survive (Fox 2016).

Although it cost the state million of dollars in terms of the schooling costs, medical and welfare cost, it is a fiduciary right of every person living in the United States.

Clearly, every child deserved a fair treatment regardless whether they were born in America.

TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: The damage caused by the proposition is evident.

MAIN POINT The damage the occurred with the drafting of the Proposition 187 has an impact until

The divisions between the minority and majority groups are still evident.

The opposition of the minority groups to the legislation spurred the interest of the minority groups in
This has influenced the direction of politics in the state and the nation at large.

Clearly, the activism again racism and discrimination of immigrants are a product of the Prop 187.

The effect is still felt in the political realm.

TRANSITION OR SIGNPOST: The above are the underlying factors that were caused by the Prop 187 proposal.

SIGNALING THE END: Finally, the Proposition 187 was a foreshadowing of what ended up happening in U.S recently.
REVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: It is the source of the anti-immigration policies observed in different states.
CLINCHER: It was a prolog of what is happening in the country. Although the issue of illegal immigration remains a national problem, it is important to make consideration on the impact of the policies before a decision is made all the effects of such laws.

Dynamski, G. The challenge of creating more diverse economics from UCR minority project. Race-ethnicity and education, 2010.
Fox, C. An authorized Welfare: The origins of immigrant status. American history, 2016.
Newton, L. Why some latinos supported proposition 187. JSTOR, 2000.

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