The Australian Security Exchange (ASX) boasts one of the biggest Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
in the region.
• Go to ASX website and select 1 fund from each of the following category: AREITS,
Infrastructure Funds plus 2 funds from ETF & ETCs. Make sure the selected
funds have been in the market for at least 2 years. In addition, use the following criteria
in your selection:
a. A-REITS: Use the first alphabet ‘c’ to select the A-REITS. i.e. if 1st alphabet is m , then you could select either MPS,
b. Infrastructure Fund: Any fund of your choice.
c. Australian ETF: One fund selected from either Australian Broad Based ETFs or
Australian Sector ETFs category.
d. International/Strategy ETF: One fund selected from either: International ETFs,
International Sector ETFS, Cash & Currency ETFs, Fixed Income ETFs or
Commodity ETF & ETCs.
• Form a portfolio by applying the following allocation:
Australian ETFs
International/Strategy ETFs
10% 40% 20% 30%
Question (i) (10%, 500 words)
1. Identify the top 3 assets invested by the infrastructure fund and the profit distribution
of the infrastructure fund for part (b) over the last two financial years. These are usually
available from the annual reports or DatAnalysis. (5%)
2. (i) Justify the selection of your chosen fund for part (c) Australia ETF and (d)
International ETF. Why have you decided to select these two particular funds over the
others? (2.5%)
(ii) Identify some potential factors that might influence their performance over the
next 12 months. (2.5%)

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