– Insurance ( DO NOT make it long. Keep it short and simple).

Construction process management plans

– Site management, including traffic, layout, temp facilities…
– Quality Assurance/ Quality Control processes

Budget for the project including all plans and specs and your site management plan (probably part of your general conditions)

2.1. Any bid forms should be filled out as instructed but in addition a budget should be included in the binder using the MF numbering system since that is what your accounting system should be based on.
2.2. Your budget for general conditions, concrete, and masonry will be evaluated closely and should include labor, materials and equipment. The remainder of the budget should use unit prices either defined by me or through RS Means pricing.

Project schedule should include Gantt chart suitable to show the owner and also a detailed schedule with the following:

3.1. Detailed concrete task schedule expanded in master schedule
3.2. Procurement and submittal schedule
3.3. Cost loaded schedule to show cash flow
3.4. One schedule is to show the owner’s cash flow (your anticipated billing by month)
3.5. Another schedule shows your own accounting department the anticipated cash flow (both billing and expenditures)

Change management system (how will you deal with questions about plans, unforeseen conditions like raining, conflicts, etc.)


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