My story begins back in 1991, while still in high school; I was working as a dietary aid at Oak Park Retirement Center.  While at the retirement center, I worked in the kitchen, doing everything from cleaning, preparing food, setting up the dining rooms, and serving the food.  I enjoyed working for the elderly, even though it saddened me when they passed away.  I guess that’s why they’ve always called it “God’s waiting room.”  Shortly after I started to work in the kitchen, I met my first husband.  He started out as a cook but quickly ended up as the kitchen manager, when the previous manager decided to up and quit. Being young and dumb, I was all for going out with an older guy who had a job, a car, and his own place.  Well, almost his own place. He had a roommate for the first few years of our marriage.
Before we were married, people were always coming over to his house to party.  There would be times when someone knocked on the door to announce that we’re fixing to have a party, and within a few minutes, the house would be full of people.  They would all bring their own booze and drugs along. Excited about the party life, I overlooked seeing thru his gift of gab and charming personality.  I wish this class was available during my teenage years. It could have taught me what to look for and who to avoid. All high schoolers should take this class. It could save them a life time of trauma.   I was too blind to look through the disguise to see what really lurked behind those eyes. Those eyes would eventually morph into something else. 
In April of 1993, we ended up getting married.  The ” real him” was starting to slip up and I caught a quick glimpse, the day before our wedding.   He was on the verge of morphing.  My gut told me that I should not go through with it but my relatives flew down from all over the United States and, the entire retirement center was coming.  It was too late to back out.  I was at a loss on how I would explain to everyone, after they paid all that money to come down, that I no longer want to get married.  I was stuck with getting married and I knew from that moment that I just cursed myself. 
As I moved my clothes and belongings into his house, I could feel his anger growing.  I have just invaded his space and would have to listen to him as he yelled and cursed me out.  I have never been in a situation like that before or seen anyone act in that manner.  I just wanted the yelling to stop as I broke down to cry. His anger spilled over into the work place with the added stress of being the kitchen manager.  Soon others would see the real him as he morphed into this angry creature.  I deeply regretted marrying him and should have divorced him right away like my friends told me to do. Shortly after, my friends stopped coming over due to his hateful attitude. 
During the Spring of 1996, my wonderful son was born.  I quit work the month before so I could be a stay at home mom and raise my son.  I was so glad when my husband left for work every day.  That was my peaceful time when I did not have to worry about all the verbal abuse and see him as he smashed the furniture into pieces.  Now that I had a kid to watch over, I had no idea on how I would raise him as a single mom so, I stayed in this awful marriage.  My husband wiped out my bank accounts so I no longer had any money available and I had to depend on him.  That was just another way for him to control me.  No friends, no money, what next? I used to think of him as a ticking time bomb.  You never knew when he was going to go off.  After reading Alpha, he’s more like one of those shifters (werewolves) who morphed during the light of the full moon or during a bad storm.  He really did morph every month, right before it was a full moon. I grew to dread the big, beautiful moon and ended up associating it with fits of rage. The full moon also seemed to affect Alzheimer patients at the retirement center. They morphed into confused and aggravated patients when the full moon was present.  Too bad there wasn’t one of those pills available to prevent him from morphing into this unhuman creature.   
A couple years after my son was born, I was pregnant again, but this time I had a miscarriage.  I was beyond stressed out from all the verbal abuse and ended up miscarrying.  This happened the week before Christmas.  I was still grieving but my husband forced me to go to his family’s Christmas party.  Empathy was nowhere to be seen in that man.  I had to put on a fake smile and tried to make it through the day. That day seemed to last forever.
The year of 1999, I had a beautiful baby girl.  A couple months before I was due, my husband decided to quit his job.  He could care less that I was fixing to have a baby and needed health insurance.  My dad ended up paying for my health insurance.  A couple weeks before I was due, my husband had me take our son to the zoo and walk all over so, I would go into labor early.  It’s not like he was paying for insurance so, I have no clue why he wanted me to go into labor early. Well, it worked and I went into labor that night.  I told him it was time to go to the hospital but, he told me to go back to bed.  My three year old was sound asleep in the house as I drove myself to the hospital.  I dreaded leaving him behind with his father.  After getting settled into my hospital room, the phone started to ring.  My husband called just to curse me out that I did not get his Publisher Clearing House letter mailed out before I went to the hospital.
My ex-husband reminds me of the quote from the book Alpha, “Shifters like Mr. Harvey are extremely unbalanced and dangerous.” They are everywhere in modern society. Too bad he couldn’t be like Jon, who was actually capable to controlling his morphing.  The other shifters in the book took morph inhibitors (MI) to prevent them from morphing into a werewolf.  If I knew there was something like the morph inhibitor, I would have tried to give that to him years ago.

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