The New England Queen
The world structure had changed and everything the children read in schools about the past was not only hard to fathom but also sounded irrational. Prof. Christopher a History teacher and the sole custodian of the chip that contained the knowledge of the former world had just given a lecture on the emergence of the global government system that had occurred in the year 2010. The students had listened with close attention about the world that had been divided into countries each headed by its leader.
The learners followed with keen interest the stories of the major world wars, astonished at how cruel the people of those generations were. The names of the last presidents in great countries of the time like America, Russia, China and others filled the discussion elaborating the role each had contributed to the formation of the new world political system. The following day, 6 February would mark a thousand years since the world merged, that saw the end of boundaries that had demarcated different continents forming what had then been referred to as a country. Richard had countless questions he wanted to ask the professor, but he did not want to interrupt the captivating story he was hearing. Sadly, before he got a chance to ask any question time was up and the lecturer was on his way out.
Richard reflected about his world. The leader of a world was Queen Marion who acted as the symbol of peace in the world. She had a group of advisors who were tasked with policy implementation on the world Affairs. The boundaries did not exist, and one could move from one place to the other without restrictions. He tried to figure out why the people of the past had divided the world into small portions and engaged in many conflicts yet everything was enough for everyone at present. The thought of individuals from one section fighting the people from a different part was comical and barbaric. He imagined how unfair it must have been for one country to harbor valuable minerals and insist on sharing with the rest of the world only at a price. Moreover, stories about division and lack of cooperation on vital issues at the time like global warming did not make sense. Nonetheless, what was more troubling was the fact that the world had had to engage in a major world war that comprised the use of dangerous nuclear weapons that tore the world apart to unite. Presently, the thought of such weapons existing let alone being used to kill fellow humans was shuddering. Queen Marion had presided over the opening of several nuclear plants in the world, but none was steered for use as a weapon they were all essential providers of power for the entire globe.
Queen Marion was the 52nd Queen of the world; the system was arranged such that the leaders ruled for a maximum of 20 years in an alternating formula. In this regard, each gender would rule for 20 years after which the other would take charge. In the case of death like it had happened with the 65th and 88th leader the leadership would be continued by a head of the same gender until the term was done. Richard tried to imagine what it would be like if one of the ancestors who had lived in the 20th century resurrected in his time. He figured out that the first thing that would astonish him would be the advanced technology. Such a person would be amazed to note that globalization was no longer a threat to human kind due to the stringent measures that the united world government had put in place. Moreover, he pondered that the realization that science advancements had enabled life in the planet Mars and that most of the world food was grown in Mars would leave such a person in speechless. One thing Richard was sure was that the people of the past were no different from them only that they around nonexistence boundary to cause completion for resources.
As Richard continued, imagine about life in a divided world one thought closed his mind the world was at peace and had gained progressive advancement after eliminating all the boundaries that had generated division, instead of viewing the world from an enclosed angle, where there was us versus them. The world had corroborated and focused on empowering the human race. It was no longer about being better than the rest but rather bettering and empowering the human race.
After the fall of the divided world system, which left the humankind on the verge of extinction the human race learned the need to cooperate and rebuilt the world in unity. Many of the ills that had been caused by the nonexistent boundaries such as terrorism and war become baseless. Nobody was concerned with defeating the other nation since everyone was focused on the efforts to make the world a better place. Cohesion and a mutual benefit were the new mottoes. That day as Richard went home he wished someone had been there before the world torn its self apart with war and baseless competition, to reveal the beauty and advancement that could be gained by world cooperation

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