Question 1: a) The rule of Ferdinand and Isabella brought to an end a period of magnate anarchy and of general violence. How did the Catholic Monarchs restore order? What was the nature of their administrative, economic and social reforms? How successful were these reforms? Discuss in detail and provide examples. Sources: Lectures. Texts to be consulted. Ruiz, Spain’s Centuries of Crisis
Question 2:
What was the nature of Spanish culture in the period between 1300 and the reign of the Catholic Monarchs? How does the culture of Castile compare to that of Aragon? After discussing these topics in some detail, focus on Jorge Manrique’s Ode to the Death of My Father. What does that poem tell you about Castilian culture and values in the late fifteenth century and as to Manrique’s intent and values?
SOURCES: Manrique’s poem. Ruiz, Spain: Centuries of Crisis

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