Exam-The Financial System
(No Group Work)

During the financial crisis and afterwards gold prices skyrocketed. Discuss why gold prices changed. Is gold always a good investment in uncertain times? Why has gold’s performance changed now? Discuss.


Explain all the following risk types and make an example about each of these cases. Please also provide a detail explanation how these types of risks may interact with each other under certain circumstance. (Chapter 19)


credit risk
interest rate risk
off-balance-sheet risk
foreign exchange risk
country or sovereign risk
technology risk
market risk
liquidity risk


You deposit $12,000 annually into a life insurance fund for the next 40 years, after which you plan to retire. (Chapter 15)


What are the considerations when you are looking for a certain life insurance fund?
If the deposit is made at the beginning of the year and earn an interest of 7 percent, what will be the amount after the end of year 40?
You wish to receive annuities for the next 20 years (year 41 to 60). What is the annual payment you expect to receive at the beginning of the year if the interest is 7 percent in year 41 to 60?
Repeat step b and c with 8 percent interest and 6 percent interest and show the difference in terms of annual payment.
Would you personally invest into this kind of insurance fund? If not, what kind of investment are you interested in? Please explain why.

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