Write a report:
Ø Write a collective (group) report.
Ø Your report should be written with a 12 Calibri, Arial or, Times New Roman font. The text should have a 1.5 spacing.
Ø The report must contain the following structure:


Brief overview of the project and its objectives.

Main Body:


Why is WACC an important calculation for Managers, not just individual calculations for each capital component?


Reflect your understanding of tax implication on WACC result.

iii. What is Capital Budgeting? What are some of the tools used?

Based on results in d and f from report 3, assume projects are mutually exclusive and the company has unlimited capital, which projects should be accepted and why? If there is a conflict in ranking in results, which method is more relevant to the investor (IRR or NPV)? Explain your answer.


Which project/ projects would you recommend, based on your findings and why.


References section

Make sure to use the APA referencing style (guidelines in the appendix, see below)

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