Q1 :
Large outdoor and indoor sculpture work.
—select large scale work that is outside
—large scale sculpture work that is display inside
—how did each of experiences differ viewing these works inside&outside?
—compare&contrast your experience and feelings about the works you select.
Urban Light outside.
Abdulnasser Gharem: Pause(floor 4)
—What was this art work created into response too? Touch on the actual event and personal connection of the artist himself.
—How are some of these pieces of arts constructed? By this i mean. What islamic elements are utilized in these works? There are many layers(look closely). What was your favorite piece in this gallery and why?
Moholy-Nagy: future present
—What type of art did this restless experimental produce? List as many as you can
—What influential german school did he work for?
—what did he believe arts role was in future of technology
—what were your favorite 2 pieces in this exhibit? Pick 2 different types of media or 2d/3d representations. Compare and contrast them

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