About the following topic, you may consult with any sources you choose, but the final product must be in your own words and reflect your own thinking. For full credit you must address all parts of the questions.
Write about:
Discuss the relationship between Conjunto and orchestra tejana considering the dramatic impact of WWII, the experience of Mexican American soldiers during and after the war and subsequent changes in Chicano culture including the differing experience and aspiration of first and second generation Mexican immigrants. Identify the different musical instrument and the stylistic and cultural influences that characterize and distinguish conjunto and orchestra Tejana, respectively, along with their identification with specific ethnic and economic class backgrounds. How are different aspects of identity symbolize and embodied in these two genres? Which genre and instrument is most strongly identified with tejano ethnic identity? Which genre and the musical influences symbolize more Jaiton (middle-class) aspiration? What musical strategies are used by orchestra musicians to affirm tejano ethnic identity? Be sure to cite specific artists and songs examples from CD #7 and illuminate your discussion.
CD#7 Playlist:
La Bella Italia – La Baranca – La Chancla – Atotonilco – Mi Unico -Camino – Choo Choo Train – Rio Grande – La Chapaneca – Nuevo Contrato – March Rock & Roll

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