1          Task 1 Understanding Domain Modelling based on Module 5 & 6
1.1        Sub-Task 1.1 Draw a UML domain model class diagram for the system as described here. Be as specific and accurate as possible, given the information provided. If needed information is not given, make realistic assumptions. ( 150 words)
1.2       Sub-Task 1.2 Consider that a vehicle goes through many states and state transitions from the perspective of Metropolitan. For example, a new vehicle might be brought in for the first time. A previously serviced vehicle might be brought in. Think through the sequences that go on for a vehicle when it is being worked on by Metropolitan. Draw a state machine diagram showing states and state transitions, including names for the transitions.( 150 words)

2         Task 2 Applying Use Case Modelling in the Business Analysis Based on Module 7
2.1       Sub-Task 2.1 A domain model class diagram  (250 words)
2.2       Sub-Task 2.2 A list of uses cases and a use case diagram ( 200 words)
2.3       Sub-Task 2.3 A fully developed description for two use cases: Add a seller and Record a book order(300 words)

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