Project Title:
Sustainability Performance Dashboard


Project Sponsor:
VP of Sustainability
Date Prepared:


Project Manager:
Project Customer:
VP of sustainability


Project Purpose or Justification:

The company invest a considerable amount of money on buildings energy efficiency projects each year. Funding these projects shall continue if the sustainability team could present the amount of energy saved and amount of energy cost avoided. The Sustainability performance dashboard will equip the team and hence top management with real time energy sustainability metrics that shows how financially and environmentally effective.


Project Description:

The company owns over 150 office buildings across the US. Each month the energy bills’ data associated with each building will be saved in a SQL server database. Additionally, energy sustainability projects’ data including project type, costs, predicted savings, etc. will be saved in the database.
Flowingly, using actual energy use and cost data (from bills) and project data set of performance metrics at a property, region, program level will be calculated and distributed among stakeholders using available BI tools such as Power BI or Tableau.
Each Manager will have access to project information as well as energy use and cost performance in a way that they can categorize projects and sustainability initiatives in a more wise and smart way.


High-level Requirements:

A database that can store each buildings’ energy use and cost data as well as buildings profile data (such as size, address, age, equipment, etc.). Database also needs to store project related data as building level such as start and end data, cost, type, etc.
A web interface where user can enter and save above information
As BI tool that can load data from database and provides tools to calculated KPIs, visualize data, and share it with select stakeholders.
Users must enter bill data every month. If Utility companies have the API data exchange services it is the preferred way of acquiring bill data
Project data must be entered as soon as they are planned. Project progress status must be collected on a regular monthly base
A profile for each bulging must be created and kept updated.


High-level Risks:

Users enter energy bill data incorrectly while there is no data validation procedure in place.
Hackers steal buildings energy data and try to sell them out there.
Building project status data is not collected and stored in system accurately and properly.


Project Objectives
Success Criteria
Person Approving



1.     Database design and deployment: Design and deploy a database to store and analyze buildings profile data, projects data, and energy data.
2.     Web application design and development: Design and deploy a web application where users can enter/update building profile data, project data, and energy bill data
3.     BI tool Acquisition: Select a BI tool
4.     Build dashboard: Create dashboards in BI tool and share it with stakeholders
1.      A running database where user can store data using web forms or database manager can load bulk raw data into it
2.      A web application where users can login and enter/updated data
3.      A collection of sustainability performance dashboard
1.     Director of business intelligence
2.     Director of Business Intelligence
3.     VP of sustainability



1.      Database design and deployment
2 months
2.      Web application design and development
3 months
3.      BI tool Acquisition
2 weeks
4.      Build dashboard
1 months



1.      Database design and deployment
2.      Web application design and development
$ 65,000
3.      BI tool Acquisition
2 weeks
4.      Build dashboard





Summary Milestones
Due Date

Fully functional Database

Web Application

Dashboards shared with stakeholders


Estimated Budget:

$ 125,000



VP of Sustainability
Provides the top management expectations and strategic KPIs for sustainability dashboards
Major user of sustainability dashboards

Business Intelligence Director
Provides technical direction and strategy on BI IT infrastructure
Leads the database design and deployment
Leads efforts to purchase BI tools and services
Leads efforts to develop BI web applications
leads the business requirement analysis

Property Managers
Users who are responsible to enter energy data as well as property and energy efficiency project data into system

Budgeting and Planning Director
Evaluate and approve funds for sustainability projects

Project Manager Authority Level


Staffing Decisions:

Hire and lead an experienced IT professional for database design and development,
Hire and lead two experienced IT professionals for web application design and development,
Manage an internal sustainability analyst to design and build dashboards in BI tool


Budget Management and Variance:

+ 15% miscellaneous cost can be granted upon approval of VP of sustainability.


Technical Decisions:

Director of Business Intelligence will be responsible for all associated technical decisions


Conflict Resolution:

VP of sustainability will be the ultimate decision makers on any conflicts that may raise without a resolution within the project team.



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