Term Project for STAT 1051, Spring 2017

General Rules: Students may work solo. There are two delivery options: oral presentation or written report.


Data: Go to https://www.transtats.bts.gov/DL_SelectFields.asp?Table_ID=236

Any on-time performance data from January 2015 up until the most recent one available can be used. State clearly what data set(s) you used for the analyses.

Analyses: You are required to complete two of the three modules below.

Hypothesis Test: Run a two-sample hypothesis test on either a numeric or categorical variable. State clearly your research question, null and alternative hypotheses, significance value, test statistic, conclusions and any other further insight. You do not have to use built-in R functions to run the test, but consider using R for cleaning and summarizing data.
Linear Regression: Build a simple linear regression model for one of the numeric variables. Extra credit is available for a multiple linear regression model or a logistic regression model (for a categorical variable) done correctly. State clearly your research objective, independent and dependent variables, results and model diagnostics. Supply with appropriate graph(s). You must complete this module in R and submit your code.
Infographic: Provide tables (no more than three) and graphs (no more than three) to tell a story on the data set(s). The only guideline is for the story to be insightful and informative. For example, you need to go beyond just showing evidence of bad weather and arrival delays. Slice and dice the data further. You do not have to use R for this task but it will be very useful for cleaning and summarizing the data.


Grading Rubrics:

Oral presentation: Each presentation lasts 8 to 10 minutes long. If you work in a pair, both have to present during the extra session on May 2nd. You have to submit your final slides to Blackboard by 11:59PM on May 1st. The regular classroom is reserved from 6PM to 8:30PM that day. You will be graded on the clarity, correctness, scope, complexity, and the overall presentation skills.*
Typed report: Submit your full report on Blackboard by 11:59PM on May 9th. You will be graded on the clarity, correctness, scope, complexity and completeness of a full project report that must include introduction, methodology, results and conclusions as well as bibliography sections.*


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