Informal Writing:
At various points throughout the course, you will complete a range of smaller and somewhat more informal writing assignments of 1-1 ½ pages. These will occur both in and out of class and are designed to get you thinking a bit more deeply about the day’s particular topic. For each Engaged Reader reading, you will complete a one page, typed response to the subject of the reading for that day. Your response may be descriptive, critical, reactive, argumentative or creative so long as you address the theme presented in the readings. It will also be to your benefit if you touch upon specific ideas, issues or concerns brought in the Engaged Reader articles. Each response will be collected into a journal which will be collected at the end of the semester. The length of the journal will be no less than 10 pages and be formatted in accordance with the rest of your essays for the semester.
the name of the book
The Engaged Reader: Issues and Conversation for Composition, 2nd edition

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