Assignment #2 (10%)
(Maximum 3 members)
Course: MISY 2311.Management Information system
Spring 2017
Instructor: Muhammad Rafiq
Instructions and guiltiness:     Due date Sunday 14
May, 2017
1.  The same group members as for Assignment# 1 can work for Assignment #2 as
well. If you want to change your group or any of your group member has dropped
the course, please inform the instructor immediacy to make the group adjustment
2.  Your Assignment must be   presented in the class. You have to bring the
Assignment in USB and display and demonstrate how you have designed it.
3.  The Presentation will be asses individually and questions can be asked in your
Assignment work.
4.  Later than the due date submission is not acceptable but of the instructor allows
you for late submission then it will be consider as late submission with a
deduction of 20 % of the total points.
5.  Please fill and attach the below cover page with your report before submission
1.  Chose any company to develop the following Database for it.
2.   Create four tables
3.   Make the relationship among tables using Primary and Foreign keys.
4.  Create a form for each of the table to access the corresponding table and each of the form
will have at least Next, Previous, Save and Close buttons on it.
5.  Create one main form to display the Company logo and access to other forms.(Exp.
Display buttons like click for customer,click for product,click for order etc)
6.  Good design and makeup with appropriate colors of the forms will be considered
7.  Assessment:  Quality = 5 pts and Individual understanding=5 pts

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