Sight at the Problems of Alcoholism In a Research Paper

This research paper looks at not just one of the most rampant social problems we are facing in the social world of our time. This problem stems from addiction and total dependence on alcohol by a person to function both physiologically and psychologically. A person under the influence of alcohol is not only a problem to himself by all a problem to other people around him and even the society at large. There are so many social problems associated with alcohol, these ranges from murders to health degradation, violence, unexplainable deaths and so on. This problem of alcoholism has moved from just an adult issue to incessant rise of children getting addicted to alcohol. Therefore, this has caused more research to be done on alcohol and many papers written to throw more light on the dangers of alcoholism. This has also helped to enlighten those who are already into this social menace to desist and even share reasons on why it is a bad idea to get addicted in the first place especially for young adults and children.

Alcoholism comprises of a wide range of things to talk about, however it is only right to pick a part of the topic to buttress on. Although many educational institutions have written a lot on topics relating to the abuse of alcohol but it is not enough as many people in the society are still ignorant to the dangers.

Must haves in an alcoholism essay

l  Extensive definition of terms, such as, alcoholism, the many dangers associated with the dependence and abuse of alcohol, the effects both psychologically and physiologically.

l  The gender statistics, age statistics, occupational statistics and addiction statistics among others.

l  Detailed diagnostic measures and treatment of diseases, the stages in which they occur and their causes as related to alcoholism, how to detect addiction and prevent it.

l  The structural representation of the research should include introduction, the main body and conclusions drawn from the research.

l  Review other works done on the topic of alcoholism in general and what informations other researchers have tried to pass across.

l  Include some quotes that are relevant to the topic and use tangible instances to buttress your points.

Research topics on Alcoholism or other forms of addiction;

l  Different stages of Addiction.

l  Ways to help an alcoholic.

l  Mental recuperation of an Alcoholic.

l  Extended effects of alcohol to the human body.

l  The role of Alcoholic group meetings in the life of an alcoholic.

In addition to buttressing your points in any of these topics, you can describe situations in which you have found yourself in relation to the topic specifically.

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