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Formatting skills


Formatting a paper according to the APA style is not a simple task for a student without the skills about the different writing styles. Academic institutions, as well as the instructors, have specific preferences when it comes to the styles required in formatting academic work. Often, the instructors give specific guidelines such as the length, number of sources, and most importantly, the style to which the student should adhere. APA Style is the commonest style that many institutions and instructors prefer in the formatting of academic work, but it requires skills to have the paper formatted appropriately in the style.

What you need to know about APA


The APA style is applicable in a wide range of disciplines including sciences, social sciences, and arts among other fields. The style has a different outlook and mode of presentation as compared to other styles such as Chicago and MLA. In formatting an APA paper, students should ensure they use parenthetical citations rather than endnotes or footnotes. The parenthetical citations include the author of the source and the date the source was published with a coma separating the entry. In case you intend to cite more than one source, you should separate the entries with a semicolon (;). The reference list contains the details of the entire source. The illustration below illustrates the manner in which you should reference a book.

Last Name, First Name Initials. (Year of Publication). The title of the book. City of Publication: Publisher.

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