SOURCES: Please use only the source I provided, which is New Brutalism (Remove all the quotes from Lichtenstein’s article.
INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED: Please look carefully the instruction file.
CUSTOMIZE CONTENT: Please make major changes, the whole paper should only consider the three important characteristic of new Brutalism buildings “1, Memorability as an Image; 2, Clear exhibition of Structure; and 3, Valuation of Material ‘as found.’” Please change the first paragraph and the contents correspondingly, combing those three points with Music Art Center, and talk about why the MAC built in this way. I’ll provide more pictures of MAC. Please read "The New Brutalism" carefully, only find the content related to those three points, and make connections to MAC’s Memorability, Structure and Material (concrete, glass) (!!! just ignore Marxists or philosophy-related-content in "the New Brutalism"). Pleeeeease, consider that the building is built on purpose, so think carefully the idea behind the appearance of that building. (thinking about the utility of MAC, it is aim to make visitor be conscious of performance rather than providing a comfortable place for people to relax) Moreover, pay attention to the instruction pdf I provided, that will offer some ideas. Thank you!

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