Case Analysis Essay

Please see the attached file *** for the Case study 3 – I have chosen Family Support Service
In the essay, you will analyse the case study 3 ** see attached file and critically evaluate the theoretical approach and intervention/s that you would use as a practitioner working with this scenario. Support your ideas and proposed approaches to practice using your learning in this Unit. You can choose one or more of the theoretical models learned throughout this course to prepare your essay. For example: Strengths Based Approaches, Attachment Theory, Systems/Ecological approach and anti-oppressive practice.
Your essay should include consideration of:
• The social work/practitioner role and the likely organisational context of the service/s involved in the case study.
• Who is your primary client and consideration their significant others (e.g carers, extended family, friends, peers) when working in partnership in this case.
• What are your initial thoughts about the case study and what you would take into consideration preparing to work with the people in the case study?
• How do theory and models of practice help you to understand the situation?
• How does your understanding of theory and models of practice influence the approach you might take with the case study. Outline how you would work with the people in this scenario.
• Critically evaluate your chosen approach to working with the client using literature
All students (internal/external) must submit their assessment via Learnline. Submit your document in a typed format (e.g. Word document)
Assessment criteria:
The essay will be assessed against the following criteria:
Analysis/Argument (60%)
Demonstrated understanding of concepts, theory or perspective chosen such as:
• Strengths based practice
• Attachment theory
• Systemic and Ecological
Application of concepts in critical analysis.
Use of clear framework
Key concepts, debates and issues identified
Critical reflection on the topic
Topic discussed in adequate depth – material relevant to topic
Evidence of wide reading
Structure/Organisation (20%)
Comments: (e.g. flow, linking between sections, good paragraph structure.)
Clarity of Expression (10%) Correct spelling/punctuation.
Good sentence/ Succinct writing
Adherence to Academic Writing Style including references (10%) Bibliography Quality/number of references good correctly/consistently presented Sources adequately acknowledged. 10 references are required for this assessment.

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