case analysis

case analysis
Order Description
1) On the cover page identify your report as Case Analysis
2) Read the instructions I uploaded in a doc file named (case analysis guidelines)
3) Carefully read the case assigned (I have uploaded a doc named case 12)
4) Provide a couple of paragraphs as your case summary.
5) Answer “Questions for Discussion” at the end of case that has been assigned to you. You should first type the question and then type your answer. (Questions for Discussion) will be included in the same doc as (case 12).
6) Your final submission should be a total of 5 FULL pages, double-spaced, with Arial font size 11. again it is Arial font size 11.
7) Page number bottom center.

So first read the (case analysis guidelines) to understand how the case analysis should be written. Then read (case 12) which is the case you will be analyzing. Do not forget to include a summery of the case in the paper and do not forget to also answer (Questions for Discussion).

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