Client and Human Services setting descriptions

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Instructions for the Paper Assignment

Now that you have learned about the various assessment procedures including intelligence, achievement, interests, personality, observational assessments, and career, as well as considered cultural and ethical factors in determining appropriate evaluation instruments, procedure and interpretation of test data; this assignment will provide an opportunity to reflect on all that you have learned in this course and to synthesize and integrate your new learning into your existing knowledge base. Choose a case example from your Assessment in Counseling (Hays, 2013) text and write a paper which addresses the following:

Client and Human Services setting descriptions, including:
The hypothetical case example (please note page in text where case example may be found) client and the Human Services setting where you are working with the individual described in the example (This should include any additional, relevant information that is not already covered in the case example).
The nature of your work with the individual
The rationale for recommending assessment to inform your service programming for the individual (This should include descriptions of the type of services you are looking to recommend, which should make sense for your client and the nature of work with the client).
Cultural and ethical/legal considerations associated with testing in this case.
A comprehensive discussion about the assessment considerations relevant to this case, including:
A clear and concise referral question for the provider of the psychological assessment evaluation.
A listing of both the general categories of assessments and specific instruments you would like to see included in the evaluation and why you believe these are appropriate for this case. Be sure to support your statements and beliefs with evidence from the assessment research literature. Include description of each instrument you would recommend in an appendix; Label your outline as an appendix, according to APA style (6th Edition) guidelines.
A comprehensive discussion about the possible short-term and long-term implications of the assessment results, both positive/helpful and negative/detrimental for the individual referred. Talk about how you would use the assessment data to avoid harm and instead maximize the potential benefits to the client. Be sure to support your statements and beliefs with evidence from the research literature.
Describe how the experiences of this course will contribute to your involvement (current or future) with assessment in the field of Human Services Administration. What do you consider to be the benefits and limitations of assessments?
This paper should be 4 to 6 pages in length exclusive of the title and references pages and appendices, must include a minimum of 5 scholarly references, and should follow APA Style (6th Edition) guidelines in every applicable respect (e.g., cover page, headings, margins, etc.). Note that scholarly literature includes books, journal articles, and electronic database documents. Scholarly literature excludes blogs and wikis (including Wikipedia) and similar simplistic opinion-based sources. If you are unsure as to whether a source is scholarly, please consult your instructor. The paper may be written in the first person.


0-23 Points

24-26 Points

27-30 Points


The Introduction includes some ideas from the course. Overview of the case example and/or description of why you selected this example are lacking or superficial.

The Introduction includes some ideas from the course and your research. The overview of the case example and your explanation for selecting the case are adequately articulated.

The Introduction includes relevant ideas presented in the course, your own research, and a thoughtful overview of the case example including thoughtful reflection about why you selected this particular case.


Your explanations of assessment considerations are missing or cursory. There is little to no attempt to individualize assessment considerations to the needs of the client/setting presented in the example. References poorly reflect link to the research literature or course readings.

You address some assessment considerations relevant to the case; references reflect some link to the research literature and course readings.

You thoughtfully address all relevant assessment considerations with attention to the individual needs of the client/context of setting in the example including: rationale, instruments, the assessment process, and recommendation; references reflect linkage to the research literature and to course readings and discussions.


No heading or subheading used to structure paper

Headings and subheadings are used, but inconsistently or do not improve the flow of the paper

Heading and subheadings are used to organize the paper so that it has a clear and logical flow


Your conclusions are sparse with less reflection on the personal meaning of what you learned. Your conclusion offers little depth of thinking in the integration of material from your introduction and the body of the paper and/or do not reflect any integration.

Your conclusions reflect your personal experience and what (content) you learned from the course, as well as adequate integration of material from your Introduction and the body of the paper.

Your conclusion are thoughtful and reflective of your personal learning experience during the course, i.e. what you learned, what surprised you, intrigued you, etc. plus– Your conclusion reflect depth of thinking as you integrate material from your introduction and the body of the paper.


APA format with many errors; fewer than 4 scholarly references

APA format with few or no errors; 4 or fewer scholarly references

APA format without error; 5 or more scholarly references in addition to the assigned readings


Descriptions of instruments are not included

Descriptions of instruments are either not included, incomplete, or are not linked to the body of the paper

Descriptions of instruments are included, complete (e.g., purpose, age range of norms, administration time and method, and reliability & validity information) and clearly linked to and included in the body of the paper

Syntax, Grammar, and Spelling

Multiple errors

Several errors

Few or no errors

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