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Writing college papers is a normal phenomenon for college students in the course of studies. Students will be required to write different types of academic papers including term papers, research papers, reports, and dissertations among others. However, writing college papers requires students to follow specific parameters, as well as specific rules and regulations of writing. Students should never ignore the guidelines because this would lead to poor grades.

Challenges in Comprising College Papers

When you start writing a college paper, you immediately realize that you will have to convince or persuade the audience regarding a certain issue. Therefore, the presentation of the paper must correspond to the expectations of quality of the readers. The papers should also be characterized by a flexible structure with appropriate transition of ideas, concise and understandable arguments, as well as justifications of the arguments. An author of any college paper will only get good grades if he or she can persuade and convince the audience. A student requires implementing an effective organization of ideas and sticking to the arguments to avoid creating confusion in the arguments. However, students will face a multiplicity of challenges in organizing their ideas coherently while writing college papers. Some students are also unable to follow the writing conventions including the linguistic and formatting standards required by their respective colleges. Consequently, they end up scoring poor marks when they write their papers.

Argumentation in College Papers

A crucial part of any college paper is the argumentation and justification of the arguments put forth. A student should portray analytical and critical thinking when writing any college paper. Consequently, arguments should be based on thorough research rather than subjective views about the topic. In writing a college paper, a student should follow a specific structure that starts with basic conceptualization of the topic towards the complex issues. A well-structured college essay should reveal the nature of evidence collected, the students’ interpretation of the information, and the inferences drawn from the information. One should narrow their focus to avoid over-generalization of facts. Each paragraph should delve a single idea and should contain the relevant evidence supporting the idea.

Citations and References

Arguments should be accompanies by appropriate evidence. Consequently, a student requires citing all the evidence used in the paper. The citations should follow the specific style required by the institution, for example, APA, MLA, Oxford, Chicago, Harvard, or Turabian. All the sources cited in the text should be inserted in a separate reference page. The references should be order alphabetically and chronologically.

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