Compare/contrast the marriages of othello & desdemona

Choose one of the following question options and answer it in a 3-5 paragraph essay. You don’t need a long conclusion or introduction, but do make sure you have a clearly stated thesis statement! Use quotes from each text to support your argument.
An important note: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. This includes getting “extra help” by looking up the texts online (via SparkNotes etc.). If you plagiarize the final exam, you not only fall the exam but you will also FAIL THE CLASS as a whole. It is not worth it! I want to see your own original ideas and your understanding of the texts we’ve read and discussed- I don’t want you to repeat something that someone on the Internet said.

Option A

Compare/contrast the marriages of Othello & Desdemona, Torvald & Nora, and Aylmer & Georgiana. Describe how the characters are similar to or different from each other, and how their marriages are similar to or different from each other’s marriages.

Option B

Murder plays a role in several of the texts we’ve read this semester. Using three of those texts (your options being: “A Rose for Emily,” “The Cask of Amontillado,” a Othello:I and “55 Miles to the Gas Pump”) write an essay about the characters who commit these murders by using comparison and contrast, and by analyzing how they are portrayed in their respective texts, and explaining what that portrayal says about the circumstances of their murders.

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